Antique 1920s Marcel Wave Iron

Antique 1920s Marcel Wave Iron

Some time ago I’ve won this antique 1920s marcel wave iron at an auction! Yay! 😀 I’m so happy that I got it and quite cheap too. 😀

The iron is rusty, but just on the surface: there are no holes etc. And apart from the rust, the waving iron is in good condition and is functioning properly. The wooden handles and metal rivets are still securely attached.

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I plan to use the antique 1920s marcel iron on my hair to make an authentic 1920s hairstyle. 😀 Marcel waving the hair was popular in the Edwardian era and in the 1920s. Here’s a series of 1920s photograph showing how to use a marcel wave iron.

edwardian Antique 1920s Marcel Wave Iron

My marcel wave iron probably is a 1920s wave iron; Edwardian wave irons were usually without the lever. The lever near the wooden handle moves the rippled iron plate to create the characteristic back and forth or zigzag waves of the marcel wave. Here’s a 1910 patent, 1927 patent, and 1930 patent with instruction (in the middle of the pages) how to use a marcel wave iron.

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This marcel wave iron has to be heated on a stove top or with a wave iron stove. There were already electric marcel wavers in the 1920s (Subpedo Marcel Iron and Dupley Home Marcel Waver), but I wanted a mechanical waving iron as old cords are often dangerous. And I’m curious how a stove heated waver works! 😀

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    1. Not yet. Hopefully I’ll soon find the time to try it out! 🙂 I’m planning to post a tutorial about how to make authentic 1920s waves with the marcel waver.

  1. cant wait to see the results! i have many old tools thst have been given to me over the years. the history of our profession is so interesting!

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