1920s Pink Satin Peignoir (Dressing Gown)

1920s satin dressing gown

That’s my 1920s pink satin peignoir or dressing gown.

1920s pink satin dressing gown

Here’s a similar 1920s pink satin peignoir.


The pattern for the 1920s dressing gown is just a rectangle with sleeves.

1920s peignoir

I used pink and white satin fabric for the 1920s peignoir.

1920s dressing gown
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It’s closed with a snap at the left side.

1920s satin slip

I used the same pink satin fabric for my 1920s slip.

1920s lace boudoir cap

In these pictures I’m also wearing my 1920s crochet lace boudoir cap.

1920s satin peignoir
Pink satin powder puff

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