1920s Boudoir Cap

1920s White Satin Slip

In the 1920s, boudoir caps were worn in the morning to hide the unkempt hair, as well as in the night to keep the set finger waves in place. Boudoir caps could be made of different materials, such as silk, lace, net, crochet lace, and trimmed with flowers and ribbons. A boudoir cap could be made in cloche shape or just be a bandeau.

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I crocheted the boudoir cap with white and lilac cotton crochet yarn. The boudoir cap is trimmed with lilac ribbon. Here’s a similar crochet boudoir cap. And here’s a lilac trimmed boudoir cap.

Here I’m wearing the boudoir cap with my 1920s pink satin dressing gown.

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