1850s Plain Cotton Day Cap

1850s day cap

This is a simple and plain Victorian cotton day cap, such as in this Victorian painting or this 1855 painting. ‘This shape is particularly liked by the poor, from the ease with which it is made up and washed, as, upon undrawing the string, it […] lies quite flat to be ironed.’ (The Workwoman’s Guide, 1840)

1850s muslin day cap

It’s made with white cotton batiste.

1850s lawn day cap

The day cap is completely handsewn.

19th century day cap

It is gathered with a string.

victorian day cap

It’s quite easy to iron as it lies perfectly flat, when the back of the cap isn’t gathered.

1860s day cap

Here’s a ca. 1865 flat day cap with drawsting casing at the neck, and another similar day cap (apart from the ruffle); and another plain cotton day cap.

victorian batiste day cap

Here are close-up pictures of my handsewn day cap.

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