1920s Floral Beaded Silk Blouse – Historical Sew Monthly

1920s Floral Beaded Silk Blouse - Historical Sew Monthly

I recreated this pretty 1920s beaded silk blouse for the Historical Sew Monthly challenge 1. I admired the blouse for a long time, but wasn’t sure if I should recreate it, so it’s perfect for the challenge ‘procrastination’.

1920s Floral Beaded Silk Blouse - Historical Sew Monthly

I didn’t want the blouse in green and didn’t like just beaded leaves. Here I saw a pretty 1920s beaded blouse with flowers, so I thought I’d replace some of the leaves with flowers.

1920s beaded flowers blouse

As I had suitable white habutai silk in my stash and I like mint green and pink, I thought I’d use mint green beads for the leaves and pink for the flowers.

beaded pink flowers and mint green leaves

I drew different designs with Paint to decide which I liked best. Below is the final design.

20s beaded blouseI made my own blouse pattern, hoping that the finished blouse would be similar to the 1920s blouse.

1920s beaded silk blouse
The pattern

1920s beaded blouse neckline

I cut out the leaf shapes at the neckline and finished the neck with self-fabric bias binding.

1920s beaded blouse cutwork neckline
Beaded cutwork

I guess the cutwork would’ve been finished with a picot hem in the 1920s, but as I have no hemstitching machine, I just zigzagged it.

1920s blouse neckline with beaded cutwork
Neckline with beaded cutwork
1920s beaded scalloped sleeves
Scalloped sleeves

I finished the scalloped sleeves with an imitation picot hem.

1920s freehand beaded blouse

I beaded the blouse freehand (I didn’t draw the design prior to beading).

freehand beadwork

I just pressed a crease down the center of the blouse so that the middle stems would be on a straight line.

1920s beaded blouse with lady's smock nosegay

I wanted to add the beaded cutwork at the bottom of the blouse, but sadly there was no space left because my blouse is gathered differently than the 1920s model.

back view of 1920s beaded blouse

At the back, the blouse is just beaded at the neck, sleeves and hem. As the back of the original 1920s blouse isn’t photographed, I could just guess how much beadwork there’d be. But 1920s blouses are often just beaded at the front except for the neck, sleeves and hem.

1920s beaded blouse 1920s beaded blouse with lady's smock meadow

The lady’s smock and cherry trees were in full bloom, and I think they’re a perfect backdrop for the floral blouse. 🙂

gathering lady's smock flowers nosegay
Gathering some lady’s smock flowers
1920s beaded blouse lady's smock flower nosegay
Lady’s smock nosegay

1920s beaded blouse 1920s pink pleat rayon acetate skirt

I’m wearing the blouse with my 1920s pink pleated rayon skirt.

1920s beaded sheer silk blouse pink slip

And as the blouse is very sheer I’m wearing my 1920s pink slip underneath.

1920s beaded blouse

Challenge: 1 – procrastination

Fabric: off-white 100% silk fabric

Pattern: my own

Year: mid-20s

Notions: seed beads in mint green and pink

How historically accurate is it? Accurate

Hours to complete: 3:45 h sewing time, 10:25 h for the beading

First worn: some days ago

Total cost: none, as I had everything in my stash

1920s floral beaded spring summer silk blouse

8 thoughts on “1920s Floral Beaded Silk Blouse – Historical Sew Monthly

  1. Your beaded blouse is soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing the inspiration for it and how you went about creating it!

    I haven’t embroidered on clothing in a long time. I may have to see if I can incorporate some in my next clothing project. 🙂

    And thanks so much for linking up to last week’s Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!

    1. Beaded clothes are so beautiful. 🙂 I’d love to see your next beaded clothing project.

      However, because most of the beads are at the front (adding weight), the blouse doesn’t hang well. I don’t know yet how to fix that.

  2. Your blouse is absolutely gorgeous. You did a fantastic job of creating it making it all the more special. Thank you for sharing your blouse at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party! I am featuring you at the Snickerdoodle party tomorrow.

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