Jersey Applique Tutorial

Jersey Applique Tutorial

Jersey applique is so beautiful and such an easy project – even for a sewing beginner or for your kids! It just takes some minutes, and it’s a perfect project to use up all those jersey knit scraps. You can choose a simple design for your jersey applique, such as dots, stripes or flowers, or a more complicated pattern.

The jersey is appliqued with running stitches by hand. But even if you hate hand sewing, don’t fear: jersey applique is really easy and fast to sew.


You’ll need:

  • jersey knit fabric
  • yarn
  • needle with a rounded point
  • scissor

DIY Jersey Polka Dot Applique Tutorial

Using a paper pattern, cut out dots – or strawberries, ice cream cones or elephants! 😉

DIY Jersey Applique Tutorial

Applique the jersey dots with running stitches.

DIY Easy Running Stitch Applique Tutorial

Tie an overhand knot and cut off the yarn ends.

DIY Easy Dot Applique Headband

I used the jersey applique to embellish a headband.

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