Cucumber Complexion Cream – Victorian Recipe

Cucumber Complexion Cream - Victorian Recipe

Today I tried out another historical moisturizer recipe with fresh cucumbers. Unlike the Edwardian Milk of Cucumber which is more like cold cream, the Victorian Cucumber Complexion Cream is as fluid as water, but also very moisturizing.

2 overripe cucumbers - cucumber cream recipe
2 overripe cucumbers from our garden

Cucumber Cream Ingredients

You’ll need:

  • 2 overripe cucumbers
  • 60g/ 2 oz almond oil
  • 15g/ 0.5 oz glycerin
  • 1.3g/ 20 grains beeswax
  • optional: 6 drops rose oil

Grate cucumber to make cucumber juice

Grate cucumbers with peel.

Strain cucumber through muslin/ fresh cucumber juice

Then strain through muslin.

DIY Cucumber Face Cream Recipe

Melt beeswax and almond oil, add glycerin and cucumber juice. Whisk the lotion till cold. Because there’s so much water and not enough emulsifier in the lotion, it partially separates. Maybe the Victorians used smaller cucumbers with less juice – I don’t know.

DIY Cucumber Facial Moisturizer
Label attached with my DIY wheatpaste glue

I store the Cucumber Complexion Cream in the fridge, but I don’t think it’ll keep very long with the fresh cucumber juice.

Cucumber Hand Cream/ Lotion Recipe

There’s a creamy foam floating on top of the moisturizer, just shake it before use. The lotion is nourishing but difficult to apply because it’s too runny.

Homemade Cucumber Moisturizer Recipe

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