DIY Hiking Wrap Skirt

DIY Hiking Wrap Skirt

I’ve sewn this beige cotton wrap skirt some years ago. It’s so comfortable that I often wear it as hiking skirt.

Beige Cotton Wrap Skirt DIY Sewing

The wrap skirt overlaps at the front, is closed with a wooden button and thread loop on the right side, and a self-fabric tie on the left side. It has frayed edges at the hem which are secured with machine stitching. The hiking skirt is lightweight and fast-drying.

Hike Swim Outdoor Swimming Hole
Swimming hole underneath a waterfall

Hike Swim Swimming Hole Waterfall

And the hiking wrap skirt has another advantage: We were swimming in a swimming hole underneath a waterfall during the hike. With the wrap skirt, it’s fast and easy to change clothes for swimming.

DIY Cotton Hiking Skirt

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  1. Hi
    I love your simple hiking skirt and want to make one for myself. Do you have a pattern for it?
    ? Marianne, Denmark

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