DIY Hiking Wrap Skirt

DIY Hiking Wrap Skirt

I’ve sewn this beige cotton wrap skirt some years ago. It’s so comfortable that I often wear it as hiking skirt.

Beige Cotton Wrap Skirt DIY Sewing

The wrap skirt overlaps at the front, is closed with a wooden button and thread loop on the right side, and a self-fabric tie on the left side. It has frayed edges at the hem which are secured with machine stitching. The hiking skirt is lightweight and fast-drying.

Hike Swim Outdoor Swimming Hole
Swimming hole underneath a waterfall

Hike Swim Swimming Hole Waterfall

And the hiking wrap skirt has another advantage: We were swimming in a swimming hole underneath a waterfall during the hike. With the wrap skirt, it’s fast and easy to change clothes for swimming.

DIY Cotton Hiking Skirt

6 thoughts on “DIY Hiking Wrap Skirt

  1. Hi
    I love your simple hiking skirt and want to make one for myself. Do you have a pattern for it?
    ? Marianne, Denmark

  2. hi love! i’m glad that i’m not the only one who likes to hike in a skirt! how do you join the trapezoids together? also roughly how large are the trapezoids?
    – Olivia

    1. Thank you! 😀 You can either join the trapezoids with plain seams (and zig zag the raw edges) or with flat felled seams. The trapezoids are about 40cm by 45cm (sides) by 70cm large.

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