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1920s Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

An easy and authentic 1920s hairstyle tutorial for long hair that is still wearable today!

1920s/30s Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to recreate an original 1920s faux bob hairstyle for your next Gatsby party! Not all women in the 1920s wore their hair bobbed. This hairstyle was worn by women who loved their long tresses but still wanted to look fashionable. Continue reading 1920s Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

Atonement Blouse Makeover

Atonement Blouse Makeover

Inspired by the blouse in the movie ‘Atonement’ I refashioned this blouse. It was an ugly, unflattering, very long blouse before but I liked the fabric: a sheer 100% viscose rayon fabric printed with tiny flowers in light and dark brown. So on the morning of the 24th Dezember I decided rather spontaneously, which is typical for me, 😉 to cut it apart and make something new out of it. Continue reading Atonement Blouse Makeover