DIY Beautiful Tassel – Tutorial

DIY Beautiful Tassel - Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make this decorative tassel.

tassel tutorial mint green pink turquoise yarn

You’ll need:

  • yarn in different colors
  • needle
  • scissor
  • sewing thread
  • a small piece of wool felt

diy tassel tutorial

First make an ordinary tassel: Wrap the yarn round your hand.

tassel making tutorial

With a short piece of yarn tie a knot to secure the loops.

diy mint green yarn tassel

Then cut the loops.

diy tassel

Wrap the small piece of wool felt round the tassel …

diy tassel wool felt

… and sew it in place.

diy mint green pink tassel

Cut a long piece of yarn to cover the wool felt. Tie a knot at one end of the yarn and hide the knot behind the wool felt.

tassel making

Wrap the yarn three times round the tassel above the wool felt.

buttonhole stitch tassel

Now begin to cover the wool felt with buttonhole stitches.

pink and mint green tassel

Continue to sew buttonhole stitches round the tassel till the whole felt piece is hidden.

buttonhole stitch tassel tutorial

Make less buttonhole stitches in the last row.

beautiful tassel tutorial

To secure the thread, sew 2 or 3 times through the head of the tassel before you cut the yarn.

trim the tassel

Now trim the uneven yarn at the bottom of the tassel.

ornamental tassel

Cut another long piece of yarn in another color, and hide the knot again.

bullion stitch tassel head

Sew bullion stitches round the tassel head.

pink mint green and turquoise blue tassel

For each bullion stitch wrap the yarn about twelve times round the needle.

diy shabby chic tassel

When all bullion stitches are finished, secure the yarn again inside the tassel head.

tassel tutorial finished tassel
The finished tassel

mint pink blue diy yarn tassel tutorial

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decorative tassel

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