DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy

DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy

This DIY natural wool bone dog toy is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable toy for your best friend. It is absolutely safe for your dog because it is made from 100% natural (undyed) wool fabric! Your dog will love the toy because it smells of sheep. 😉

But this DIY knotted rope bone toy is not only durable and free from toxic chemicals, it is also so fast to make: Just cut wool fabric into long strips, knot them together and that’s all! You can even leave the raw edges unfinished because broadcloth fabric doesn’t fray. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to make this natural wool bone toy! So make one, or two … or even three of these toys for your playful doggo!

DIY Wool Bone Dog Toy Tutorial

This DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy Is …

  • non-toxic: made from 100% wool!

  • eco-friendly

  • fast to make

  • durable: approved by my playful German “Shredder” (aka German Shepherd)

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DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy

I used undyed wool broadcloth fabric for the wool dog toy but you can use other wool fabric as well. The fabric scraps were leftover from my Victorian wool coat.

The tying technique for the wool toy is the same one that I’ve already used for my DIY denim bone dog toy.

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DIY Rope Bone Dog Toy Tutorial

Cut Strips

Cut the wool fabric into 3″ (7cm) wide and 44″ (110cm) long strips. The finished toy measures about 9″ (22cm).

If the strips are too short, you can easily join them together without sewing or knots: Cut a slit into each end of the two strips you want to join. Then thread the strips through each other like in the picture above.

You need four wool strips for the toy. Temporarily secure the wool strips together with an elastic.

DIY Knotted Wool Bone Dog Toy

Tie Crown Knots

Tie a series of crown knots until you reach the end of the strips. Watch my video below to learn how to tie crown knots.

Overhand Knots

At each end of the DIY wool bone dog toy tie two of the strips into an overhand knot. So you have two overhand knots at each end of the toy.

DIY Rope Bone Dog Toy

And your all-natural wool dog toy is finished: Now play with your eagerly waiting doggo!

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How To Make A DIY Wool Bone Dog Toy

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DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy Tutorial

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