1920s Casual Blouse Skirt Outfit

1920s Casual Blouse Skirt Outfit

A casual 1920s pink and cream-colored art silk outfit.

1920s casual wear

I’ve used cream-colored viscose/ rayon knit fabric with a silky sheen for the sweater blouse, and pink silky viscose fabric for the skirt, scarf, and belt. Both types of fabrics were used in the 1920s as replacement for the expensive silk.

1920s sportive dress

The outfit is so comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. 🙂

1920s viscose rayon dress

As usual, I drafted the patterns myself. The outfit is based on this 1928 pretty blouse skirt outfit (in the middle of the page). And here‘s a very similar dress at a picnic. And a silky rose-colored skirt with a powder pink blouse.

1920s pink cream white sweater blouse skirt outfit

The skirt pattern is based on this 1920s photograph.

1920s pink viscose rayon pleated skirt

My skirt has pleats in front as the skirt in the photgraph. It also seems to be a very similar fabric, either a thin silk or artificial silk fabric.

1920s scarf dress

The scarf is made with pieces of the pink rayon fabric joined with fagoting. Fagoting or fagotting was used in the 1920s as a lace-like trim.

1920s silk scarf with fagoting/ fagotting

‘To be really smart a scarf must be more than a strip of silk – it must have some note of interest in the way it is made’ (source).

And this is a great way to use scraps of fabric. 😉

1920s blouse skirt

The outfit can also be worn with a belt tied at the hip …

1920s sweater skirt cloche hat

… or the waist.

I’m also wearing a 1920s satin slip underneath as the skirt fabric is slightly sheer.

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