1920s Pink Art Silk Scarf With Fagoting

1920s silk scarf with fagoting/ fagotting

‘To be really smart a scarf must be more than a strip of silk – it must have some note of interest in the way it is made’ (source).

I made the scarf with scraps leftover from my 1920s pink viscose rayon skirt. The rectangles are joined with fagoting. It’s a great way to use up fabric scraps! 😉

1920s Pink Art Silk Scarf With Fagoting

‘This season fagoted trimming has again found its place in the mode […] considered exceedingly smart.’ (1920s source) Fagoting may be used on a ‘scarf collar’.

Fagoting or fagotting was also fashionable in the Edwardian era to join lace for yokes etc. All raw edges of the fabric pieces are finished before fagoting. For the fagoting, I used white cotton crochet yarn. Because the fagoting trim isn’t very long, I stitched it without basting the fabric to a piece of paper.

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