Vegan Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe

Vegan Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe

I always wanted to make black ice cream with black sesame seeds. Here’s my recipe for healthy black sesame ice cream:


* I wanted to make really black ice cream which one sees in pictures all over the Internet – otherwise I’d use 2 cups soy milk – which will make rather gray than black ice cream.

Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe

Blend the black sesame seeds – it takes some minutes till the sesame seeds are a fine black paste. Add vanilla sugar and peanut butter. Blend again, then stir in the soy milk. Freeze in an ice cream maker or freezer. I thought black and white ice cream would look good together, so I also made vegan stracciatella ice cream. After about 30 minutes in my ice cream maker, the black sesame ice cream’s ready. Black sesame ice cream is dark gray, dense ice cream with a bitter sesame flavor.

I made real ice ice cream bowls again! 😀 They’re so much fun to make and they’re so unusual and pretty! This time I colored the ice cream cups with homemade blue food coloring (made with red cabbage and baking soda). So, the blue ice cream cups are food-safe, or edible, if you want! 😉 And if you’re wondering what the white fluff on top of the ice cream is: it’s snow! 😀 There was suddenly such a snowstorm while I was outside to take pics of the blue ice glass and black sesame ice cream.

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