Refashioned Crochet Tablecloth Dress

Refashioned DIY Crochet Tablecloth Dress

For my refashioned crochet tablecloth dress I used two vintage circle cotton crochet tablecloths: One for the circle skirt and one for the kimono sleeve blouse. This is already the third refashion of the crochet tablecloth dress but I finally like how it turned out! 😀

How To Make A Crochet Lace Tablecloth Dress

At first I made the crochet tablecloths into a separate skirt and blouse. But it never stayed in place. And I also didn’t have a slip that I could wear underneath. Click on the link below to see how the skirt looked before the refashion! 😀

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Crochet Tablecloth Dress Refashion

So this time I made a fitted slip with mint green cotton batiste fabric. It’s the same fabric that I also used for my Edwardian princess slip with Valenciennes lace inserts.

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After making the fitted slip I sewed the crochet lace blouse and skirt to the underdress with overhand stitches by hand. My crochet lace dress closes at the left side with three snaps and one hook & eye at the waist. The skirt of the underdress is a full circle skirt – like the crochet lace skirt – with a ruffle at the bottom. The ruffle is 10m and 30cm (406″) long and heavily pieced together because I ran out of fabric! 😉

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DIY Crochet Lace Dress Sewing

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