DIY Safety Pin Crown – Denim Jacket Refashion

DIY Safety Pin Crown - Denim Jacket Refashion

After I saw this denim jacket refashion with a safety pin crown on pinterest, I loved the design. And now some years later, I finally made my DIY safety pin crown denim jacket!

After turning a too small denim coat into a skirt for which I also had to use the sleeves to make the pleated skirt big enough, the vest piece of the coat was leftover. I don’t like throwing things away and this vest fitted me. So this was perfect for my DIY denim jacket refashion!

I thought this would be an easy refashion: But it was way more difficult and took much longer than I thought! 🙂 And expect your hands hurt for days! I’m used to making wire jewelry but this was different.

DIY Metal Crown - Denim Vest Refashion
Trying out the design

DIY Safety Pin Crown Materials

You’ll need:

  • stainless steel safety pins
  • needle nose pliers

You’ll need stainless steel safety pins for this DIY safety pin crown denim jacket refashion. Stainless steel safety pins are more expensive than ordinary safety pins but all other safety pins will rust when you wash the denim jacket!

I used safety pins in three sizes: 1.1″ (2.8cm), 1.25″ (3.2cm) and 1.4″ (3.6cm). And I needed 136 safety pins for my safety pin crown design.

DIY Safety Pin Crown - Denim Jacket Refashion Tutorial
DIY safety pin crown in the making & the finished crown

DIY Safety Pin Crown Design

I didn’t print out a crown template. Instead I played around with the design until I liked it. But feel free to print out a crown template and draw it on the fabric with tailor’s chalk or soap.

How To Make The Safety Pin Crown

Stick the safety pins through the denim fabric to form the crown. Use smaller safety pins for the rounded top of the crown.

DIY Safety Pin Metal Crown Jacket Refashion
Closing the safety pins with needle nose pliers

Squeeze together the safety pins with needle nose pliers so that the safety pins can’t open and stab you in the back! Since the safety pins are made of stainless steel, you can simply throw the jacket into the washing machine when needed and wash as usual.

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DIY Metal Safety Pin Crown - Denim Jacket Refashion Tutorial

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