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How To Make A 1950s Petticoat

How To Make A 1950s Petticoat Tutorial

A 1950s petticoat has been on my sewing list for years! And now I finally made one. 😀 I like how it turned out but it took way longer than I anticipated: I thought a 1950s petticoat would be a quick sewing project – but it definitely was not! 😉 It took me ages to cut, gather and finish all those long tiers of the petticoat. Continue reading How To Make A 1950s Petticoat

18th Century Linen Stays

18th Century Linen Stays

These 18th century linen stays were an impromptu sewing project! After seeing modern versions of 18th century stays worn as top on instagram, and since I had linen fabric scraps in my stash, I spontaneously decided to make 18th century linen stays!

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So on the same day I searched for antique 18th century stays for inspiration. And I made the pattern in the night! 😀 This is one of my quickest historical sewing projects so far: Usually the research takes much longer. But the 18th century isn’t my favorite historical era, so I don’t mind if these stays aren’t 100% historically accurate! 😉 Continue reading 18th Century Linen Stays

Bend Eyes Into Bars – DIY Hook And Bar Closure

Turn Eyes Into Bars - DIY Hook And Bar Closure

It’s easy to turn store-bought hook and eye closures into hook and bar closures. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to make a DIY hook and bar closure.


Hook and eyes and hook and bars are a great way to fasten your garments: I use them on skirt waistbands, as vintage dress closure together with snaps instead of a zipper closure (picture below) and as secure and historical accurate closure for my Victorian bodices. Continue reading Bend Eyes Into Bars – DIY Hook And Bar Closure

How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

‘Straw is an ageless material closely associated with Christmas. […] Love and joy go into the craftsmanship, and each member of the family has a part in it. The father cuts the grain, the children husk and sort it, the mother makes it into wonderfully imaginative objects. And Christmas Eve seems mystical when the candles are lit and the shiny straw reflects their shimmering light.’ (The joyful Christmas craft book, 1963, p. 76) Continue reading How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

1940 – 1950s Bra & Garter Belt + Free Patterns

1940s 1950s Bra And Garter Belt + Free Patterns-24

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’re clearing out Grandma’s house at the moment. And I found some of her lingerie: bras and garter belts! They’re probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s. The bras have the characteristic, pointy, conical bullet bra shape of the 1950s – but not as exaggerated as some of the 1950s bras.


And if you want to sew your own pin-up bra or vintage garter belt, I traced the patterns of two of the bras and of one of the garter belts. You can download the patterns for free and adjust them to your size. Continue reading 1940 – 1950s Bra & Garter Belt + Free Patterns