Old-Fashioned Naturally Colored Marzipan Carrots

Old-Fashioned Naturally Colored Marzipan Carrots

I made naturally colored marzipan carrots as decoration for carrot cupcakes. The recipe dates back to the 1920s! I think the color of the marzipan carrots is great. Don’t they look almost real? 😀

The marzipan carrots are naturally colored with tomato puree! 😀 I feared the marzipan carrots would taste of tomato puree – marzipan with tomato puree? Yuck! 😉 But the tomato puree isn’t noticeable! It just gives a pretty carrot color.

Marzipan Carrots Naturally Colored With Tomato Puree


  • marzipan
  • powdered sugar
  • tomato puree

Knead together marzipan and enough powdered sugar until the mixture holds its shape. Color it with some tomato puree and form into little carrots.

Homemade Naturally Colored Marzipan Carrots

Make indentations with the back of a knife.

Marzipan Carrots Skewer Celery Leaves Carrot Tops

Using a skewer, make a hole at the top of the carrot.

Naturally Colored Marzipan Carrots Celery Carrot Greens

Use celery, celery leaves, carrot greens or herbs, such as parsley or rosemary needles, as carrot tops.

Naturally Colored Marzipan Carrots Tutorial Recipe

Here you’ll find my recipe for sugar carrots and marzipan & fondant carrots – all naturally colored with carrot juice.

8 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Naturally Colored Marzipan Carrots

  1. That’s brilliant, who would have thought?
    It has reminded me of a time, years ago when our kids were little and we made a carrot cake for my hubbie’s birthday and the kids made marzipan carrots to decorate the top. We found it really hard to get an orange colour and the first thing he said when he saw it was “why are their parsnips on the cake?” We still tease him about it now! If only we had known that tomato puree was the way to go!

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