Natural Blue Cake Experiment

Natural Blue Cake With Red Cabbage

Because I didn’t get blue cake, when I made my naturally colored rainbow cake, I tried to make blue cake again. I followed this recipe for rainbow cake with homemade natural food dyes. It’s a different recipe than the one I used last time: It’s made with egg whites and yogurt. The blue cake layer is naturally colored with blueberry juice.

Natural Blue Cake Experiment
Pinwheel cookies naturally colored with red cabbage

I made three muffins: One is colored with blueberry juice according to the recipe, another is colored with red cabbage juice (without baking soda) and the third is colored with my homemade natural blue food coloring  (made with red cabbage and baking soda) + extra baking soda.

Natural Blue Cake Red Cabbage Blueberries

Here are the results: The blueberry muffin didn’t turn blue, it’s just purple! 🙁 It’s also very dense. But the red cabbage & baking soda muffin turned a beautiful turquoise! Yay! 😀 The muffin was also very delicious – it didn’t taste of red cabbage at all. I think I’ll experiment a bit more with red cabbage colored cake, when I find the time.

Turquoise Cake Natural Blue Food Dye Red Cabbage Sugar Hearts
Turquoise cake & blue sugar hearts – naturally colored with red cabbage

Natural Blue Polka Dot Cake

I also made natual blue polka dot cake! 😀 After baking, I just colored the cake with drops of natural blue food coloring. It’s such a dark blue, isn’t it?

Blue Polka Dot Cake With Natural Food Coloring Red Cabbage Natural Blue Drink
Drink & polka dot cake – naturally colored with red cabbage

Here you’ll find part 2 of my natural blue cake experiment.

4 thoughts on “Natural Blue Cake Experiment

  1. Another interesting experiment. When I was little my brother had a blue car birthday cake (with non natural food colouring I’m sure – this was the 1970’s) and we all ate so much we felt a little bit sick. I think it may have put me off blue food up to now, so a pale turquoise looks much more appetising to me than if you’d been able to get a super bright shade!

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