Indian Beaded Choli Top In Pink And Gold

indian bead embroidery

Inspired by the green beaded and sequined choli in the movie Jodhaa Akbar, I’ve sewn a pink and gold beaded choli.

Indian Beaded Choli Top In Pink And Gold

A choli is a cropped blouse worn by Indian women. Some cholis are long cholis which aren’t cropped, like mine. A choli is often laced at the back.

indian beaded choli

For my choli, I used pink cotton fabric, gold trim and gold thread, seed beads in pearl white, gold, opaque and transparent orange, and big and small golden sequins.

indian bead embroidery in pink and gold close up

The top is sewn by machine; and the embroidery done by hand – except sewing the gold border round the neckline and sleeves, and stitching the ‘squares’ with golden thread.

indian bead embroidery details
Detail of the embroidery

back lacing choli

The choli top is laced at the back.

back laced choli top

I also made matching beaded tassels.

indian beadwork

Here are pictures of another pink hand embroidered choli.

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