How To Make Tin Star Ornaments From Tin Cans

A simple tin can upcycle idea: Turn tin cans into beautiful tin star ornaments.

How To Make Tin Star Ornaments From Tin Cans

When you buy your next tin can, these metal Christmas ornaments come free with it! Making tin stars is an easy tin can craft project that is completely free. And these metal Christmas tree ornaments are actually easier and faster to make than you’d probably think. However, you have to be careful when cutting out the tin stars because tin cans are really sharp!

By the way, I actually wanted to make punched tin star ornaments but this didn’t look good with the ridges of the tin can. So I didn’t punch holes into the metal star ornaments. But I love how these upcycled tin can stars turned out! These metal star ornaments have a shiny silver side and a frosted silver side – you can see both sides in the photo above – but both sides are pretty.

If you need more ideas what you can make with empty tin cans: You can make vintage tin tinsel icicles out of tin cans.

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And you can also make DIY oil lamps with empty tin cans, leftover cooking grease and DIY cotton wicks.

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How To Make Tin Star Ornaments From Tin Cans

You’ll Need:

  • empty tin can
  • string or thread
  • nibbler (or tin snips)
  • metal hole punch
  • steel wool (or file or sandpaper)

Flatten Tin Can

Wash and dry the empty tin can. Use a can opener to remove the bottom of the tin can.

Then cut the tin can open. A nibbler works better for this step but you can also use tin snips instead if you don’t have a nibbler. Now you have a slightly curved tin sheet.

How To Make Tin Star Ornaments From Tin Cans

Cut Tin Stars

Make a pattern out of paper: You can use a star-shaped cookie cutter as template.

Then, using the pattern, cut stars out of the tin can with the nibbler (or tin snips). Be careful, the edges of the tin star are sharp! Smooth the edges with a metal file, sandpaper or steel wool.

Add Thread

Punch a small hole into the tin star ornaments with a hole punch. And thread a piece of string or thread through the hole as hanger.

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