DIY Braided Rug From Old Fabric Scraps

DIY Braided Rug From Old Fabric Scraps

Some years ago I made two braided rag rugs using fabric scraps and old ugly fabrics. A braided rug is a great way to use up scraps and ugly fabric – most of the ugly pattern and color is hidden while rolling and braiding the fabric! 😉

How To Make A Rag Rug

I used different fabrics: cotton fabric, polyester chiffon fabric, old knit fabric … To make the braided rug: I cut the fabric into long stips, rolled them so that the raw edges were encased inside the fabric, and then began to braid: Because I had mostly white chiffon fabric, two of the strands were always white – I used the colored and patterned fabric just for the third strand. Then I sewed the braids together with large stitches by hand, so that no stitches show.

DIY braided fabric rag rug close up picture

Victorian Rag Rug

‘There has been quite a demand in the last few years for these rugs for modern country houses. Women and even children who have engaged in their making find the work quite easy and a pleasant pastime.

Handmade rugs are both plaited and crocheted, and are fashioned into any shape the worker’s imagination may dictate. Some are round, others square or oval. […] Many or a few colors are used; and simple or elaborate patterns followed […] A snip of the scissors will cut off a color and a stitch or two insert another’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1906).

‘Our grandmothers would utilize all the worn and discarded garments in making carpet rags which were woven into rugs and carpets. While this is not done so commonly now-a-days, you may make a very useful and attractive rug for the bathroom or kitchen by simply braiding carpet rags and sewing the braids together to form circular, oblong or oval rugs.

To do this, cut cotton material into strips about 2″ wide, or wool material into strips about 1″ wide; sew the ends of the strips together and wind them into balls. Braid the strips together in a three-strand braid (the braid should be about 1″ wide). Use coarse thread and sew the edges of the braid together shaping the rug as you sew.’ (School Sewing Based On Home Problems, 1906)

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