18th Century Winter Clothing

18th century clothing

Some more pictures of me wearing my 18th century blue linen jacket.

18th century woman's winter clothing

As it was quite cold, I’m also wearing a black wool cape, and hand-knitted mitts.

18th century clothes

Under it I’m wearing: a shift, my black wool jumps, petticoats, and dark grey wool stockings.

18th century woman, winter, lantern

18th century, woman, basket

18th century clothing

18th century blue skirt, yellow shawl

The yellow woven wool or wool-blend shawl was much too cold! 🙂

My black wool cape – ‘borrowed’ from my Victorian clothing 😉 – was much warmer.

18th century woman, snow, chopping wood
Wood chopping

Here I’m wearing my handsewn 18th century lappet cap and hand-plaited straw bergere hat.

18th century linen skirt

With my blue linen jacket, I’m wearing an unbleached linen skirt.

Spiral lacing closure

Here you see the stomacher which is pinned to the jumps.

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