2 Ways To Make DIY Real Mini Christmas Trees From Clippings

These 2 DIY tabletop Christmas trees are real, natural and smell of Christmas! 2 easy ways to make DIY real mini Christmas trees from clippings at home!

How To Make DIY Eco-Friendly Fresh Christmas Tree From Clippings

These 2 DIY real mini Christmas trees are all-natural – made without glue, floral foam or wire. All you need is clippings and natural twine. You can simply compost the miniature live Christmas trees after the holiday season!

These DIY tabletop Christmas trees are perfect for small spaces. The small Christmas trees are much easier to care for than a large real Christmas tree and they make your house smell good at Christmas time! In addition, these DIY miniature real Christmas trees are also perfect as Christmas tree centerpiece decoration for tables.

Live Tabletop Christmas Tree From Clippings

You’ll Need:

  • clippings
  • cotton string or jute twine
  • scissors
  • pruning shears

What Clippings Should I Use?

I used spruce clippings for this real mini Christmas tree but you can use clippings from other conifers as well, such as fir or pine.

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How To Make DIY Real Mini Christmas Trees From Clippings Step By Step Tutorial

Build The Base

1. For the base of the DIY live tabletop Christmas tree, tie together three branches with cotton or jute twine like you would for a teepee. These branches determine how big your tabletop Christmas tree will be. By the way, you don’t have to remove the smaller branches.

Arrange The Mini Christmas Tree

2. Cut the clipping into smaller pieces with pruning shears. Now tie a bundle of small clippings to each of the three branches. This step is only necessary for large tabletop trees. For smaller trees you can omit this step.

3. Now tie a large clippings to the top of the DIY real Christmas tree.

4. Add more clippings until you like the shape of the tree.

5. To cover the branches of the base, tie a small bundle of clippings to the top of the DIY tabletop tree.

6. Now tie another piece of twine around the middle of the tabletop Christmas tree. You can also use a decorative ribbon for this step. This step makes the mini Christmas tree look more like a real tree. And your small live Christmas tree is finished!

Now you can decorate the DIY real mini Christmas trees. I made three of these small Christmas trees and decorated them with homemade Christmas ornaments: Gilded acorns, no-sew candy canes, felt heart ornaments and snow-covered pine cones.

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DIY Real Tabletop Christmas Trees & Small DIY Christmas Tree Stand Tutorial

DIY Real Mini Christmas Tree With Pine Branch

You’ll Need:

  • pine branch

A pine branch usually already looks like a mini Christmas tree! Cut off a pine branch and that’s all!

How To Make A Small Christmas Tree Stand

For the pine branch tabletop Christmas tree, I made a small Christmas tree stand. It’s just a wood block with a hole drilled into the center that is just large enough for the pine branch.

Another cute DIY Christmas tree stand is an empty tin can filled with river rocks. The river rocks weigh down the tin can so that it cannot fall over.

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2 Ways To Make DIY Real Mini Christmas Trees From Clippings Tutorial

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  1. Genius. I had to trim my pine tree because it was brushing on the house. I don’t have a Christmas tree at this location that I would want to decorate they’re all so tall and I can’t reach the branches to put lights on so this will bring a little Christmas right inside my house

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