Edwardian Silver Hairbrush And Mirror

Edwardian Lace Bed Jacket 1900s Gibson Girl Brushing Hair Antique Silver Hand Mirror
My DIY Edwardian combing jacket

That’s my ‘new old’ Edwardian silver dressing table set which I recently won at an auction. 😀 The vanity set consists of a hairbrush, mirror and clothes brush. The dressing table set is made of 835 silver and might’ve been manufactured in the 1910s. What do you think?

Edwardian Silver Hairbrush And Mirror

The Edwardian silver hairbrush has boar bristles and a wooden brush-back. The antique brush has more, longer, softer and more closely spaced bristles than modern boar bristle hairbrushes. So it brushes the hair better than modern hairbrushes. But sadly the wooden brush-back smells musty. I’ve cleaned the hairbrush with soda and water, like Edwardian silver hairbrushes were usually cleaned. The antique silver hand mirror has an unusual oval shape and is very heavy. 😉

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