Blue Cake With Natural Food Coloring

Naturally Colored Blue Cake Experiment

I finally got blue cake colored with homemade natural blue food coloring! Yay! 😀 I’m so excited!

Blue Cake, Red Cabbage As Ph Indicator

That’s part 3 of my naturally colored blue cake experiment. I used a different recipe again and I tested all ingredients because homemade natural blue food coloring made with red cabbage is ph-sensitive. I used my natural blue food coloring as ph indicator. Flour seems to be more acidic than starch, so I used half starch and half flour for the blue cake. Eggs are basic/ alkaline and sugar is just slightly acidic: Blue sugar hearts naturally colored with red cabbage.




Blue Cake Naturally Colored With Red Cabbage

Mix together all ingredients and bake at 160°C for 20 – 25 minutes.

Blue Cake With Natural Dye

I thought the cake batter must be blue before baking, but it has to be purple: The purple will turn blue while baking. Last time I added so much baking soda that the cake batter was blue, but the cake turned green while baking!

Blue Cake With Natural Food Coloring

I used 2 tbsp cake batter per cupcake. The cupcake on the left is colored with natural blue food coloring. The cupcake on the right is colored with natural blue food coloring +  1/8 tsp baking soda: it’s rather green than blue or turquoise.

The naturally colored blue cake tastes just like ordinary cake! There’s no trace of red cabbage or baking soda. So I finally can bake natural blue cake! Yay! 😀

21 thoughts on “Blue Cake With Natural Food Coloring

  1. That is really fascinating…almost like chemistry, which I guess it really is. Who would ever know red cabbage would make things turn blue instead of deep purple?? So is it the addition of the baking soda that does it? Anyway, looks like you’ve been doing lots of experimentation with getting the blue color. (I took a peek at the sugar hearts too.) This is really interesting.

  2. Oh that’s very clever! Well done for persevering with the experimenting – it’s funny how it comes out blue but goes in purple! x

  3. Yay! You are so good the way you persevere, I’m pleased you are happy with your blue cake. (and I’m sure eating the experiments hasn’t been too much of a hardship either! )

  4. This is awesome, I didn’t know that these ingredients make a natural blue dye! Thank you so much for sharing, I am definitely going to try this. 🙂

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