1910s Plaid Wool Skirt

1910s Plaid Wool Skirt

Some years ago I sewed this Edwardian plaid wool skirt.

Edwardian Plaid Wool Skirt

It was my first Edwardian skirt, made without drafting a pattern or making a toile first.

Edwardian Plaid Wool Skirt Zipper Closure

The skirt isn’t historically correct because it has a zipper closure at the back and the raw edges are finished with machine zig zag stitches.

d Wool Skirt Skirt Darts Detail
Darts at the front

I used a green plaid 100% wool fabric from my grandmother’s stash.

DIY Edwardian Wool Skirt

Skirt Sewing Piece Fabric Together
Piecing at the back and hem

There wasn’t enough of the fabric so I had to piece the fabric together.

Titanic Era Skirt

The cut of the skirt is more like a 1910s Titanic era skirt.

1910s Plaid Wool Skirt
Cuddling my dog

The skirt is ankle-length – usually called round, outing or walking length in the Edwardian era: ‘walking length […] clears the ground easily’ (The Delineator, 1906).

Edwardian Skirt Sewing DIY

Edwardian Gibson Girl And Dog

This type of skirt was called a tailored skirt in the Edwardian era. ‘The beauty of the tailored skirt lies in the good lines, careful machine stitching, and perfect fit of the garment.’ (School Sewing Based On Home Problems, 1916)

Edwardian Wool Skirt

‘There is nothing like a trim, becoming tailor-made for all-around use. In plain, lightweight cloth [wool fabric], with the skirt just escaping the ground, and jacket with gracefully shaped sleeves […] such a suit may literally go from the shops to the drawing-room musicale. For the morning jaunt a tailored shirt-waist is worn with this costume’ (The Delineator, 1905).

Edwardian Gibson Girl Blouse

-> More about The Edwardian Outing Girl and How To Dress In The Edwardian Era.

Edwardian Style Blouse

I’m wearing the skirt with an Edwardian-style 1980s blouse.

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume
Edwardian-style leather boots

Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle

I tried out a different Edwardian Pompadour hairstyle for this shirtwaist costume. Here you’ll find my tutorial for a historically accurate Edwardian Pompadour hairstyle.

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume
The lake and grass is such a beautiful backdrop!

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume

I’ll soon post pictures of my other (historically accurate) shirtwaist costume that consists of a wool skirt and linen & crochet lace blouse.


67 thoughts on “1910s Plaid Wool Skirt

  1. You look like you should be on the set of Anne of Green Gables. ๐Ÿ˜€ Love this so much. I would wear the heck out of a skirt like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It is darling! I love plaid, and what a savings you got by using your grandmothers fabric. It runs over $30 a yard here. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Love it. Vintage style is so in right now. Just started adding fashion post to my sit blog and what fun
    Visiting from diybydesign

  4. WOW! I just stumbled across your blog via Brilliant Blog Posts โ€“ and yours is brilliant! How fabulous that you blog about historical clothing and wear it yourself. I do love seeing what people used to wear, it seeing it in a modern setting is just lovely. That skirt is really pretty. I have a pair of black shoes that would look fab with it lol!
    Suzy x

  5. Wow, what a stunning skirt. It certainly looks like something out of the movies and it suits you so well. You are obviously a super talented dressmaker, I would love to be able to make something like this myself. Did it take a long time to put together? Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam x

  6. Thank you for sharing your post! I love looking at all the outfits you sew. So talented! You will be the featured post this week on the Friday at the Fire Staton linkup!

  7. Really beautifully made! I love both your skirt and the blouse. Happily pinning to my DIY and Fun and Funky Clothing boards on Pinterest for you. <3 Why I haven't a sewing projects boards since I sew all the time, I don't know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Barb ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Lina this is such a lovely skirt. We used to wear this type when I was young. Of course in a shorter length. You are bringing back lots of memories.

  9. This is so incredibly beautiful, I love the fabric and colours, I wish I could sew. I’m now going to spend the next half hour looking at all your other amazing outfits! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  10. You did a wonderful job on the skirt! I love the fabric. The skirt length was also known as โ€œclearing lengthโ€œ, for the reason described for the other names of the length given, in that it clears the ground. I have only heard it described as such once in an antique pattern that I occasionally come across when searching the web. I am very much enjoying looking around on your blog. Thanks for posting!

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