1910s Christmas Peacock Evening Dress

1910s Christmas Peacock Evening Dress

‘With Christmas [1912] “in the air” one’s thoughts naturally turn to frocks and the many odds and ends of dress which play an important part in those festivities which cluster around the season; for to a woman a not inconsiderable part of a pleasure depends on the knowledge that she is suitably garbed.’ (source)

1910s Christmas Evening Dress

A couple of years ago I made this teal and blue 1910s evening dress around Christmas. I love the peacock colors of this dress! 😀

1910s sequin blue teal evening gown christmas dress

A while ago I had bought this lovely sequin embroidered petrol blue fabric. And I thought it would be perfect for a 1910s evening gown! 😀 1910s evening dresses were often richly embroidered with sequins, beads, and beaded tassels.

1910s sequin blue teal evening dress back pleats

Here are four similar colored 1910s evening dresses: 1912 bead embroidered peacock tea gown, 1913-4 beaded blue and green silk chiffon evening dress, 1910 peacock silk evening gown, and ca. 1909 green and black evening dress.

1910s sequin blue teal evening gown christmas dress

For the 1910s wide kimono sleeves I used a leftover piece of royal blue chiffon fabric from my stash.

1910s sequin blue teal evening gown christmas dress close up

The chiffon sleeves and taffeta belt of my dress are based on this ca. 1913 silk and lace evening dress with beaded tassels.

1910s sequin blue teal evening gown christmas dress

In contrast to 1900s dresses, 1910s dresses had a high waist and the skirts were much narrower than in the 1900s. The skirts were tight with pleats or gathering at the back.

1910s evening dress bodice foundation

The bodice of the gown is draped over a jeans foundation. The stiff foundation gives the right shape to the bodice and the bodice needs no boning. But I also wear a corset underneath. The bodice closes at the side with hooks and eyes.

beaded tassels on 1910s evening gown sleeves

I also made beaded tassels in blue, turquoise, and dark blue matching the color of the dress. Here are the sleeves with the beaded tassels.

1910s blue sequined dress beaded tassels sleeves

To make the tassels: I stitched seed beads to a piece of ribbon like a beaded fringe. Then I rolled and stitched the ribbon into a head for the tassel and covered it with seed beads. The tassels add weight to the sleeves. Here’s a 1916 evening dress with beaded tassels at the sheer sleeves. And a close-up of beaded tassels on a 1914-16 evening gown.

1910s woman evening updo

My hairstyle is inspired by this pretty 1910-2 photograph, and this photograph of a lady in a 1910s evening gown. It consists of curls at the back of the head, and a strand of hair wrapped round the head. The updo is very similar to the 1910s Recamier hairstyle [tutorial].

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  1. A gorgeous dress and lovely hairdo. I LOVE that necklace so much, it’s fabulous!! Altogether, a beautifully put together outfit that makes you look fabulous x

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