1910s Hairstyle – The Recamier Coiffure

1910s hairstyle

For this 1910s hairstyle I followed this coiffure lesson for ‘the now fashionable Recamier style‘.

1910s dress and hairstyle

This article states that the fashionable woman no longer wears a huge pompadour hairstyle or an exaggerated swirl. It calls the Recamier the smartest hairstyle which every woman can make herself. Additionally, a hairpiece is no longer needed for this new style.

1910s lace gown

First a little pouf is made with the front hair. The pouf should be ‘soft’ and ‘fluffy’, and no pompadour roll should be used.

1910s lace tea gown

At the back of the head, small puffs are arranged by rolling strands of hair round two fingers. Then, each puff is securely pinned with hairpins.

1910s coiffure
Hairstyle decorated with beaded flower wreath.

I made three larger hair puffs, but the instructions also show pictures with more, smaller puffs.

1910s lace dress

If there’s enough hair left, two twisted hair strands can be laid round the puffs.

hairstyle with beaded flower

I’ve decorated the hairstyle with a pink and white beaded orchid flower.

edwardian hairstyle

Here I’ve also added a pink satin ribbon as in this photograph. In this photograph, the lady is wearing a similar hairstyle with puffs and twisted strands. Here’s another photograph of a 1910s hairstyle. And in this fashion plate, the hair is decorated with a large flower.

edwardian lady, window, lace curtains

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