1840s Walking Dress

1840s walking dress

Here I’m wearing an 1840s walking dress.

1840s walking outfit

I’m wearing my black wool bodice and skirt, a paisley shawl (here’s a picture of an 1840s dress with shawl, and of an 1850s and 1860s paisley shawl), a starched cotton batiste and lace collar, my antique victorian brooch, brown leather gloves, and my DIY 1840s black bonnet trimmed with a pink satin ribbon. The skirt is supported by four cotton petticoats.

victorian watch and watch chain

I’m also wearing a golden watch and watch chain as you can see in this 1855 painting , this 1840s photograph, and this 1860s photograph.

1840s dress

My dog found the photo session rather tiring. 😉

1840s dress, bonnet, paisley shawl

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