1840s Mourning Dress

Victorian Mourning Dress

Here I’m in my 1840s mourning outfit. The dress is black wool fabric with separate bodice and skirt. The bodice is boned and lined with cotton fabric.  Skirt and bodice are closed with hooks and eyes. The entire dress is hand sewn.

1840s Mourning Dress

With the dress I’m wearing a black 1840s bonnet, black leather gloves (for deepest mourning the gloves would be too shiny), and a black veil. The veil should be dull black silk crape (1840s mourning clothing); but as I hadn’t any crape, I’ve used cotton fabric.

Under the dress, I’m wearing a chemise, corset, drawers, stockings, and 4 cotton petticoats.

Victorian Mourning Dress

Here you’ll see an 1860s photograph of a lady with veil over her face. Here’s an 1845 mourning dress, an 1850s mourning dress of dull fabric, and an early 1850s black silk mourning dress. Here’s a lady probably in second stage mourning with shiny gloves, fur muff, and the veil no longer over her face.



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4 thoughts on “1840s Mourning Dress

  1. Your mourning outfit is incredible! I’ve just looked through some of your creations and your sewing skills and creativity amaze me. And to think that you hand sew so many of these beautiful garments! I will be following your wonderful blog. Thank you.

  2. Hey Lina!

    This is STUNNING… I work in television production and I wondered if you hire out your outfits?….

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