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Handsewn Victorian Cotton Sunbonnet

Victorian Working Woman Black Wool Stays

In the Victorian era, sunbonnets were worn outdoors to protect the face and dress from the sun. Because a white complexion was fashionable, subonnets were worn by ladies in the garden (straw hats were only worn at the seaside, in the country, or by young girls), as well as working women during field work. The brim of sunbonnets was often corded or strengthened with slats. Sunbonnets could be made either from printed or plain fabric. Continue reading Handsewn Victorian Cotton Sunbonnet

1840s Walking Dress

1840s walking dress

I’m wearing my black wool bodice and skirt, a paisley shawl (here’s a picture of an 1840s dress with shawl, and of an 1850s and 1860s paisley shawl), a starched cotton batiste and lace collar, my antique victorian brooch, brown leather gloves, and my DIY 1840s black bonnet trimmed with a pink satin ribbon. The skirt is supported by four cotton petticoats. Continue reading 1840s Walking Dress