Snow Covered Mason Jar Oil Lamp With Salt & Wheatpaste

Snow Covered Mason Jar Oil Lamp Tutorial

Make beautiful snow covered candle jars with things you already have in your kitchen!


These jars look like they are covered with freshly fallen snow. You can use them as wintry luminaries or snow frosted vases. Snow covered mason jar oil lamps are an quick and easy holiday craft and great as last-minute Christmas gift!

Snow Covered Mason Jar Oil Lamp With Salt & Wheatpaste

You just need things from your kitchen for these winter oil lamps: glass jars, cooking oil, flour and salt!

And what’s best: If you don’t like the winter luminaries anymore, you can wash off the “snow” with warm water and use the jars for jam next summer!


You’ll need:

  • glass jars
  • flour
  • salt – table salt or coarse salt
  • water
  • cooking oil
  • cotton string
  • copper wire


Snow Covered Candle Jars With DIY Wheatpaste

Make DIY wheatpaste: Stir together about 4 tbsp flour and 3 1/2 tbsp cold water. Wait for about 15 minutes. Then cover the glass jar with wheatpaste. You can use a brush for this or just the back of a spoon.

Snow Covered Candle Jars With Salt

Roll the jar in salt until all of the wheatpaste is covered with salt.

DIY Winter Luminaries With Salt

Let the salt winter luminaries dry overnight.

Write In Fake Salt Snow, Winter Luminaries

Now you can write in the “snow” with a metal skewer or knitting needle if you want.

Snow Covered Vase With Salt

You can use the snow covered jars as vase …

DIY Winter Mason Jar Oil Lamp

… or turn them into winter mason jar oil lamps with cooking oil, cotton string and some copper wire.

DIY Winter Oil Lamp

Now enjoy the wintry glow of your snow frosted mason jar oil lamps!

DIY Snow Covered Mason Jar Oil Lamp
DIY snowy pine cones with salt & wheatpaste

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