3 Ways To Make DIY Candle Molds

You probably have DIY candle molds already at home! Make DIY candle molds with empty toilet paper rolls, metal tubes or sand!

DIY Candle Molds Empty Toilet Paper Rolls DIY Taper Candle Molds Toilet Paper Tubes Wheatpaste

Historically, candles were either dipped or molded. If you want to make molded candles you need candle molds. While candle molds were usually made of metal in the past, today you can find DIY candle molds at home! Look around your house and see what you can use as DIY candle molds.

Probably everyone has toilet paper rolls at home. And these work perfectly as DIY taper candle molds. In addition, they are completely free! Metal tubes are also great DIY candle molds. But don’t use molds with ridges like tin cans because then the candles won’t slide out. And did you know that you can even make candle molds with sand? So get crafty and make your own candles!

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3 Ways To Make DIY Candle Molds

Toilet Paper Rolls

You’ll Need:

You can use toilet paper rolls as they are or reshape them. For smaller candle molds, cut the toilet paper roll open. Then roll around a pencil and glue the DIY candle mold together with DIY wheatpaste glue.

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3 Ways To Make DIY Candle Molds Metal Candle Molds Copper Pipes Cookie Cutters

Metal Tubes

You’ll Need:

  • metal tubes or cookie cutters

Look around the house for DIY metal candle molds. Metal tubes such as copper pipes or stainless steel cooking rings work perfectly as candle molds. And for small tealight-type candles you can even use cookie cutters or metal cookie molds.

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Sand Candles

You’ll Need:

  • sand
  • water
  • cookie cutter

Sand cast candles are easy to make. And what’s best, after you’ve made sand candles you can reuse the sand!

To make candle molds from sand, wet the sand with water so that you can mold it. Then press some sand flat with you hand. Place the cookie cutter on top of the sand. Here I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter but you can use other shapes as well.

Shape the sand around the cookie cutter. Press down firmly. Then remove the cookie cutter carefully.

DIY Candle Molds From Sand Step By Step Tutorial Sand Candles Sand Cast Candles

How To Use DIY Candle Molds

You’ll Need:

For this candle I used a simple DIY braided cotton wick. Use thicker wicks for larger candles and thinner wicks for smaller candles.

Center the wicks with a toothpick, pencil or something similar.

Put the wax into a tin can and melt the wax in a hot water bath. I reused candle wax scraps.

Then pour the melted wax into your DIY candle molds. Let the wax set.

Carefully remove the candles from the candle molds. And light your DIY candles!

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3 Ways To Make DIY Candle Molds Toilet Paper Rolls Metal Tubes Sand DIY Wicks Candle Wax Scraps

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    1. You can either burn the candles in the metal containers. Or you can heat them in a hot water bath for a couple of minutes to remove the candles from the metal containers. Hope this helps! 🙂

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