Homemade Natural Rose Petal Blush Recipe

Homemade Natural Blush Recipe With Fresh Rose Petals

For this natural blush you only need 2 ingredients: starch and pink or red roses. Just gather some fresh, organic roses and you can make your own natural rose blush.

DIY Natural Rose Petal Blush Tutorial


  • fresh, organic, dark pink or red rose petals
  • cornstarch

Homemade Natural Rose Petal Blush Recipe

Put some starch and the fresh petals into a mortar. Use less starch at first, you can always add more later, if the blush should really be too dark.

Homemade Natural Rose Petal Blush Recipe

Pound the rose petals very fine.

Homemade Natural Rose Blush Recipe

Because of the fresh rose petals, the blush will be moist, and it needs to be dried quickly in order to retain the pink color. Here I tried to dry the blush at room temperature and the blush turned brown.

diy natural pink rose blush

Preheat your oven to 50°C/ 120°F. Then turn off the heat, and let the blush dry in the oven for about 2 hours.

Homemade Natural Rose Petal Blush Recipe

And your natural rose blush is finished! 😀

dry rose petal blush

I also tried to dry the rose petals first and then pound them in a mortar. But it’s not possible to get them as fine as fresh rose petals.

DIY Natural Rose Petal Blush Recipe

This time the blush retained the pink color and didn’t become brown.

DIY Natural Pink Rose Blush Recipe

The blush has a lovely pink color, but it doesn’t give much color to the cheeks. Next time I’d use more rose petals and less starch. The blush has a cold pink color, and I thought it’d just work for cool skin undertones. But unexpectedly it also looked good with my yellow skin tone. And the powdered blush works especially well as a setting powder over my alkanet cream blush.

Homemade Natural Rose Petal Blush Recipe

Here I’m wearing the rose blush together with the alkanet cream blush. I’m also wearing Edwardian mascara and the Victorian violet face powder.

DIY Natural Easy 2 Ingredients Blush Recipe

Here you’ll find more natural blush recipes and Victorian and Edwardian lip balm recipes which can also be used as cream blush.

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