Homemade Rose Water – Method 2 (Cold Infusion)

Homemade Rose Water - Cold Infusion Method

Because the water, which I used for the Victorian otto of roses recipe, smelled so wonderful of roses I came up with this rose water made by cold infusion.

You’ll need:

  • fresh organic rose petals
  • water (I used tap water because it’s safe to drink where I live)

Put a handful of fresh rose petals into a glass of water (250ml). Let it steep for 2 or 3 days in the fridge. Then strain the rose water through a sieve.

The rose water is clear, and has a nice scent and taste of roses. I liked this rose water very much: it’s fast and easy to make, smells and tastes of roses, and won’t stain clothes like colored rose water. I think this rose water won’t keep for very long, but it so easy to make fresh rose water when needed.

Here you’ll find method 1 and 3 of the rose water series: rose water made by heat infusion, and homemade rose water hydrosol.

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