Victorian Violet Face Powder Recipe

Victorian Violet Face Powder Recipe

I tried out another antique face powder recipe, this time it’s from the Victorian era: violet face powder scented with orris root powder.


  • 3 parts wheat starch
  • 1 parts orris root powder
  • optional: attar of lemon, attar of bergamot and attar of cloves

I used cornstarch instead of wheat starch and left out the essential oils. Thoroughly mix the starch with the orris root powder. The orris root powder gives the face powder a cream tint. In the Edwardian era, a cream tint was considered suitable for the ‘average complexion’ and a beige tint for the ‘brunette type’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2). After some days the face powder really has a violet-like scent. But the scent is, of course, more like orris root than real violet flowers.

Here you’ll find more Victorian and Edwardian face powder and makeup recipes and my tutorial for the vintage powder puff.

6 thoughts on “Victorian Violet Face Powder Recipe

  1. What a lovely idea – all natural, too! And I like the idea of pairing this with Victorian-style powder puffs to apply this face powder. So creative! LOVE!

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