Victorian Oil Of Violets Recipe (Orris Root Infused Oil)

Victorian Oil Of Violets Recipe

I tried out an 1840s recipe for oil of violets. It’s a Victorian recipe for flower infused oil. Despite the name it’s not made with violet flowers, but with orris root powder.

1840s Huile Antique a la Violette

I found two similar 1840s recipes for violet oil: one is called Oil of Violets, the other is called Huile Antique a la Violette. Here you’ll find more Victorian and Edwardian flower infused oil recipes.

You’ll need:

  • 1 part orris root powder
  • 9 to 13 parts olive oil (I used jojoba oil)
  • jar with lid

victorian orris root infused oil

Mix the orris root powder and oil. Macerate for three days to one week in a warm place.

1840s orris root infused oil

Then strain the oil through muslin.

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