Victorian Wrapper Dressing Gown

victorian cotton house dress

‘Dressing-gowns are generally made of warm materials, for the winter, as flannels, either printed or plain […] For summer, they are of dimity, calico, twilled muslin, and sometimes, though rarely, of silk.’  (The Workwoman’s Guide, 1840)

For my Victorian wrapper or dressing gown I used off-white cotton flannel fabric printed with pink roses and green leaves. As it was an old fabric, it had less fabric width than modern fabric and I had less fabric than I wished. But the fabric seemed so suitable for an 1850s wrapper. This pretty fashion plate of an 1851 dressing gown printed with roses was my main inspiration. And here’s a ca. 1855 silk wrapper with printed roses. My Victorian wrapper is closed in front with silver and pearl buttons and is worn over the corset and petticoats.

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