Victorian Bran Egg Shampoo For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair

Victorian Bran Egg Shampoo For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair

I tried the Victorian ‘Hair Wash For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair’. This hair wash is a bit more complicated than other Victorian homemade shampoos I tried because it involves a 2-step hair cleansing process: First washing the hair with boiled wheat bran and soap, and then washing the hair with an egg yolk. But because the hair wash was advertised as producing thick, soft and glossy hair, I had to try it. 😀

Victorian Hair Wash For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair


  • 2 or 3 tbsp wheat bran
  • 1/2 quart water
  • 1 tsp grated castile soap
  • 1 egg yolk
  • washcloth

Victorian Hair Wash For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair

Tie the wheat bran into a piece of muslin.

Diy how to make wheat bran

It’s easy to make homemade wheat bran – here you’ll find how I made my own bran for the shampoo. Boil bran and water for about 30 minutes. Remove the bran. Add grated castile soap and let the solution cool.

DIY wheat bran egg yolk shampoo recipe

Lightly beat an egg yolk.

Dip the washcloth into the bran solution and ‘wash your head with it thoroughly, dividing or parting aside the hair all over so as to reach the roots.’ (The Woman’s Own Book of Toilet Secrets, ca. 1896) Squeeze out excess moisture. Take the lightly beaten egg yolk ‘and with your fingers rub it well into the roots of the hair.’ Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse the hair thoroughly with cold water.

Homemade diy bran egg shampoo recipe

When I read the recipe, I thought this Victorian shampoo is just called ‘for soft, thick and glossy hair’ – just advertising! 😉 But after I tried it, my hair really is fluffy and shiny, and feels very soft. And the hair is as clean as if I’d used commercial shampoo – but the hair feels less dry than after commercial shampoo. Yay! 😀 Even if the shampoo takes a bit more effort than other DIY shampoos, unexpectedly I really liked this shampoo: it’s one of the best homemade shampoos I tried. The bran-egg-shampoo cleans the hair better than just egg and soap or bran alone. And to wash the hair with a washcloth is a good technique for watery homemade shampoos which otherwise is difficult to distribute in the hair, such as this salt shampoo. I’ll definitely make this Victorian shampoo again! 😀

14 thoughts on “Victorian Bran Egg Shampoo For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair

  1. Hi Lina,
    I love DIY recipes and use many of them. This one sounds like it would work since I know that egg is very good for the hair and have known quite a few people to use it and it made them hair so shiny and look so healthy. I really can’t try it because I am allergic to egg. Congratulations on being featured on #WasteLessWednesday blog hop. Pinned & tweeted. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  2. I must go back to egg yolk pooing which I haven’t done for ages. I have baby fine hair almost waist length and I find most natural shampoos leave my hair and scalp too dry and scalp tight. I have been using vegetable oil based cake soaps followed by a rinse with either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, but still not the answer for me. I have tried Indian natural shampoos but find them very drying and leave an itchy scalp. Hibiscus bushes are common around where I live and I find a shampoo made from the flowers quite good – it is another Indian idea. I believe pooing the hair more than once a week is unnatural. Polynesian women were (and still are) noted for their glorious hair but until modern times, never “washed ‘” it. However they bathed at least twice every day. Similarly American Indians of both sexes. I often wonder about the hair care routine of a young women I have seen a few times in a local shopping mall. She has rich red hair down to her ankles! I guess it would be even loner if it wasn’t trimmed! But scalp massage, brushing twice daily after combing out with a wide toothed comb is the answer for me. And don’t forget physical fitness, plenty of fresh air with daily walks and a healthy diet! PS – I am 86.
    Gayle, Western Australia

    1. Thanks, Gayle! 🙂 If your hair and scalp is dry, you could try the Indian hair oiling routine. I also wash my hair just once a week and I usually oil my hair before I wash it.

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