Thicker Homemade Bran Shampoo Recipe

DIY Homemade Bran Shampoo Recipe

I made the homemade Victorian bran shampoo again. Last time the shampoo was too watery, so I adjusted the recipe slightly. Now it has the consistency of commercial shampoo. For this DIY shampoo you’ll just need 2 ingredients.

Homemade Wheat Bran Shampoo Recipe


  • 2 tbsp wheat bran (it’s easy to make your own bran)
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 cup water (300ml)
Wheat bran and starch shampoo recipe
Wheat bran and starch

Boil all together for about 10 minutes.

Thicker Homemade Wheat Bran Shampoo Recipe

Then strain the shampoo through a sieve. As soon as the shampoo is cold enough, use like ordinary shampoo.

Strain DIY bran shampoo through sieve

After I’d made the shampoo, 😉 I thought it’d be easier to tie the bran into a piece of muslin before boiling, then straining the shampoo is unnecessary.

DIY natural bran shampoo tutorial
The consistency of the shampoo is like that of store-bought shampoo

This time the shampoo was easy to distribute, and, like I’ve written in my previous post about bran shampoo, it cleans the hair a bit, but not enough. But maybe because the water is so hard where I live – washing the hair with castile soap and other homemade shampoos also often don’t work. So if you’re living in a region with soft water, maybe the shampoo works better. I think next time it rains I’ll gather some rainwater and try it again.

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