T-Shirt To Skirt Refashion

T-Shirt To Skirt Refashion

I refashioned another T-shirt. This time I turned it into a skirt.

Shirt To Skirt Refashion

The blue T-shirt was a promotional T-shirt with a large, stiff print at the front, and a small print at the back. I liked the pretty blue color but there wasn’t much fabric left after I’d cut away the print. I had 4 of the T-shirts and I used 3 for the skirt: One for the yoke, one for the front and one for the back of the skirt.

blue knit skirt yoke elastic waist
Yoke with elastic waist
Blue Jersey Knit Skirt Refashion
Doggie with snow snout

Blue T-Shirt Skirt Refashion

The blue knit skirt is so comfortable to wear. I’m wearing the skirt with my refashioned stockings while I’m writing this post. 😉

diy nautical blue white striped knit hat

In the pictures I’m also wearing the 1920s Devereaux knit tam hat.

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