Naturally Dyed Speckled Robin Easter Eggs

Naturally Dyed Speckled Eggs

I love speckled blue robin eggs! 😀 In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make cute speckled Easter eggs – all naturally dyed with red cabbage and coffee! Naturally dyed speckled eggs aren’t difficult to make and they’ll look super cute on your Easter breakfast table.

Naturally Dyed Blue Green Easter Eggs Speckled With Coffee

Dye boiled eggs naturally blue with red cabbage or green with red cabbage and turmeric.


Naturally Dyed Speckled Easter Eggs

It’ll get messy so protect your clothes and surrounding surfaces.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs Speckled With Coffee

Boil down some leftover coffee till it’s thick and syrupy. Dip a toothbrush or brush into the thickened coffee, run your finger along the bristles of the toothbrush and splatter the coffee onto the naturally dyed Easter eggs.

Naturally Dyed Speckled Blue Robin Easter Eggs
Coffee splatters still wet on the left egg

Let the speckled eggs dry thoroughly.

DIY Speckled Eggs
Dried coffee splatters
Speckled Robin Easter Eggs With Natural Dye
Naturally dyed speckled robin Easter egg

Isn’t the speckled Easter egg beautiful? 😀

Speckled Robin Easter Eggs Tutorial

Here you’ll find my recipe for naturally colored speckled blue robin egg truffles.

12 thoughts on “Naturally Dyed Speckled Robin Easter Eggs

  1. They are just so pretty, lovely colours.
    So do you dye them as they boil and then eat then as boiled eggs or are these just for decoration now you’ve made them so pretty?

  2. It still fascinates me that red cabbage turns things blue. I can’t wrap my head around that one, but I do love your coffee speckled eggs Lina. They looks so natural

  3. Hello Lina – just popping in from the #HomeMattersParty for a visit . . . your speckled eggs are so beautiful! They are natural looking rather than all of the pretty pastel colors that we are used to this time of year – I love the gentle, soft colors of your eggs so much better! Thanks for sharing, I hope to catch up with you again this week at the link-up party. Nina @ Vintage Mama’s Cottage

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