How To Make A Straw Heart Ornament

Make natural straw heart ornaments with only natural materials. All you need to make straw hearts is wheat straw and natural twine.

How To Make Natural Straw Heart Ornaments Tutorial

This braided straw heart is made with wheat straw from scratch! Straw ornaments are traditional Christmas ornaments. But you don’t just have to make stars with straw, you can also make cute vintage straw heart ornaments!

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Handmade straw heart ornaments are eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition, straw hearts are inexpensive, easy and fast to make: They make cute last-minute gifts! Straw hearts can be used as natural decorations all year round.

What Straw Should I Use For Straw Heart Ornaments?

You can use wheat straw, barley straw or rye straw. And instead of straw, you can also use dried grass (hay) to make natural straw heart ornaments.

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How To Make A Straw Heart Ornament

You’ll Need:

  • straw (or grass)
  • natural twine – such as linen, cotton or jute
  • scissors
  • needle

How To Make A Straw Heart Ornament Step By Step Tutorial

How To Prepare Straw To Make Natural Straw Ornaments

It’s necessary to soak straw in water so that it doesn’t break when you braid it. So simply pour boiling water over the straw and weigh the straw down. Using boiling water is the fastest way to make straw soft but you can also soak it in cold water. But then it usually takes a couple of days until the straw is bendable enough. If you use boiling water, you can use the straw after a couple of hours: As soon as the straw doesn’t break when you braid it, you can use it to make straw heart ornaments.

How To Make Straw Heart Ornaments

1. Braid three straws together.

2. Bend the braided straw into a heart shape.

3. To secure the ends of the straw braid and the heart shape, sew or tie the straw braids together with twine like in the picture.

4. Also stitch the top of the heart together to secure the heart shape.

5. Trim the ends of the straw braid if necessary.

6. Let the natural straw heart dry and add a loop of twine or ribbon to hang the ornament.

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