DIY Gold Leaf Wreath From Scratch

Make a decorative DIY gold leaf wreath from scratch with leaves and metallic acrylic paint! No glue required!

Natural DIY Gold Leaf Wreath From Scratch With Fresh Leaves

For this DIY gold leaf wreath from scratch all you need is fresh leaves, wire and gold acrylic paint! And like all my DIY craft projects, this natural leaf wreath is made without glue!

DIY Gold Leaf Wreath As Natural Decoration Or Hair Accessory

I made this DIY gold leaf wreath as hair accessory. A gold leaf crown was a popular hair accessory in the Edwardian era.

But you can also use the leaf wreath as a natural decoration all year round. Just add a piece of thread to hang the gold leaf wreath in a window or in front of a mirror. Or make a faux marble stand to display your natural leaf wreath, like here.

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What Leaves Should I Use?

Collect sturdy leaves for your DIY leaf wreath: Leaf sprigs are best. For this DIY gold leaf wreath I used Oregon grape leaves. But you can also use other sturdy leaves such as holly leaves or even bay laurel leaves for a DIY laurel crown!

Use fresh leaves to make a leaf wreath because fresh leaves are less brittle than dry leaves. And even painted leaves will dry over time, so you can keep your DIY gold leaf wreath for a long time!

DIY Gold Leaf Wreath DIY Gold Leaf Crown Natural Laurel Crown Tutorial

DIY Gold Leaf Wreath From Scratch

You’ll Need:

  • fresh leaves
  • wire
  • gold metallic acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • strong scissors
  • wire cutter

Make A Wire Wreath

Cut a length of wire. And shape it into a wreath. Since I’m making a gold leaf crown, I used my head as a measure. But you can make the DIY leaf wreath as small or large as you want.

Attach Leaves

Cut another length of wire. I used thinner wire for this. Wrap the wire around the stem of the first leaf sprig and the wire wreath. This will attach the leaf sprigs to the wire wreath. Then add the next leaf sprig. Continue to wrap the wire around the stems of the leaf sprigs until all of the wire wreath shape is covered with leaf sprigs.

Paint The DIY Leaf Wreath

Now paint the both sides of the leaves, the stems and wire with gold metallic acrylic paint. And let the DIY gold leaf wreath dry at least overnight.

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DIY Gold Leaf Wreath Step By Step Tutorial

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