How To Line A Hat

How To Line A Hat

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make your own hat lining. Here I sew a lining for my 1920s black wool cloche hat.

diy fabric hat lining

Cut a circle as big or as small as you want. Then cut a rectangle, as long as the hat circumference (the turquoise line), and as wide as the hat height minus the radius of the circle (the teal line). Don’t forget to add seam allowances round both fabric pieces.

hat lining

Fold the rectangle in half and sew the short sides together.

gather fabric hat lining

Sew a string to one of the long sides of the rectangle.

diy hat lining

Draw the string tight till the opening fits the circumference of the fabric circle …

silk hat lining

… and pin both together.

hat lining tutorial

The gathers don’t have to be perfectly even distributed.

cloche hat lining

Sew the fabric circle and rectangle together.

rayon hat lining

Place the lining so inside the hat that the raw edges are hidden.

sew cloche hat lining

Pin the lining in place.

sew hat lining by hand

Sew the hat lining in place with slanting stitches which don’t go through to the outside of the hat.

finished cloche hat lining

This is the cloche hat with the finished lining. Here you’ll see the hat lining of an antique 1920s wool cloche hat, and another 1920s hat lining.

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