DIY Spring Door Wreath Tutorial

DIY Spring Door Wreath Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a spring door wreath for easter with twigs and without glue.


  • freshly cut twigs (I’ve used apple tree twigs)
  • wire or twine
  • ribbons and flowers as decoration

DIY Twig Wreath From Scratch

Cut your twigs. Remove leaves if you use twigs which already have leaves. I used twigs from the winter pruning without leaves.

Bend one twig into a circle and wrap wire round it.

How To Make A Natural Twig Wreath

Add more and more twigs and keep wrapping wire round it.

DIY Natural Twig Wreath

When the wreath has reached your desired thickness, cut the projecting twigs.

Now you can decorate your DIY wreath with ribbons and flowers. I used my DIY daffodil fabric flowers (tutorial) to decorate my spring wreath.

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