How To Make A DIY Fabric Daffodil

How To Make A DIY Fabric Daffodil

In this tutorial you’ll learn to make this sheer fabric daffodil.

You’ll need:

  • white sheer polyester fabric
  • yellow satin ribbon
  • yellow and white sewing thread
  • wire
  • needle and scissor
  • candle

sheer fabric flower

Cut two flower shapes, each with four petals.

melt fabric with candle

Carefully melt the edges of the polyester fabric over a candle. (Don’t use natural fabric like cotton or rayon/viscose! – This would burn and not melt.)

diy narcissus

Cut a small strip from the yellow ribbon.

fabric daffodil

Sew the ends together so that you’ll get a small tube.

sheer fabric narcissus

Arrange two flower shapes as in the picture above and sew with running stitches a small circle through both fabric layers.

sheer fabric flower tutorial

Draw the thread tight so that the petals are slightly gathered.

fabric narcissus flower

Attach the ribbon tube with some stitches gathering it slightly.


yarn stamens

To make the stamens, wrap yellow sewing thread round your fingers. Wrap wire round the middle of the yarn loops. Cut both ends of the yarn loops.

diy flower with stamens

Pierce each end of the wire separately through the middle of the flower, each hole should lie a bit apart. Twist the wire, and your DIY narcissus is finished.

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