Felt Snowflake Ornaments

How To Make Felt Snowflake Ornaments DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

DIY felt Christmas ornaments are perfect for a toddler- and pet-friendly Christmas tree.  And these cute felt snowflake ornaments are fast and easy to make with a scrap piece of felt or felted wool fabric. I used gray wool felt from my stash for the DIY felt snowflake ornaments but you can also use felt in other colors.

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And by the way, these embroidered felt snowflake ornaments are an easy Christmas craft for kids to make because you only two basic hand embroidery stitches: running stitch and double running stitch. So it’s basically just one hand sewing stitch: For the double running stitch you simply go back and fill in the gaps left by the basic running stitch.

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Felt Snowflake Ornaments

You’ll Need:

  • felt
  • white cotton yarn
  • sewing needle
  • scissors

Make A Pattern

You can either use a snowflake cookie cutter to make a pattern for the felt snowflake ornaments, print out a free snowflake pattern or make a 6-pointed paper snowflake as template for the DIY felt Christmas ornaments.

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Cut Out Felt Snowflakes

Cut out two felt snowflakes for each felt snowflake ornament. Unless you use very thick felt, one layer of felt is too floppy for these snowflake Christmas ornaments.

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Stitch Snowflake Ornaments Together

Cut a piece of white yarn. Secure the thread with a knot so that the knot is between the two felt layers.

Then stitch the snowflake ornaments together with running stitches and double running stitches like in the picture below.

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After you’ve embroidered all points of the snowflake ornament, stitch a small “snowflake” into the center of the felt Christmas ornament. Now secure the thread with a few stitches and cut the thread.

And add a loop of thread as hanger. Both sides of the embroidered felt snowflakes are identical.

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How To Make Felt Snowflake Ornaments DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments Step By Step Tutorial

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