DIY Huarache Bathing Shoes – Tutorial

Diy bathing shoe tutorial

My tutorial for Huarache-type sandals with cork soles is the most popular post on my blog with thousands of visitors – yay! – thank you all! 😀 Today I made another Huarache-type shoe: Huarache bathing shoes with flip-flops and polypropylene cord.

Polypropylene is perfect for bathing shoes because it doesn’t absorb water, it’s lightweight and the color doesn’t bleed when it gets wet in contrast to nylon. I also use polypropylene cord to make dog leashes.

You’ll need:

  • flip-flops
  • polypropylene cord
  • scissor

DIY Huarache Type Bathing Shoes

Cut off the plastic straps. Tie an overhand knot on one end of the cord, and thread the cord through the three holes like here: How to tie Huarache Sandals. And your DIY bathing shoes are finished. Wasn’t that quick and easy? 😀 Here you’ll find my tutorial for Edwardian or 1920s bathing shoes.

DIY Huarache Bathing Shoes In The Water
DIY bathing shoes in the water

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